Room for a book?

The worst I felt was at this one moment.  A moment when we all were moving HIM and his family into their new house.  His wife was in a bedroom ‘setting it up’ and her daughter called me up there.  I go up and after some small talk her daughter leaves the room.  She apologized for not helping move furnature in, (I assumed it was because her back hurt) but she said it was because they (her and her husband) were fighting.  I sat down on the floor with her and she just opened up.  Crying about her marriage.  I felt horrible.  I was so in the middle.  She was confiding in me as a friend and I was seeing her husband on the side.   I had no idea when our families started hanging out that her and I would hit it off as friends and him and I should have ended EVERYTHING right then however, in the beginning I didn’t think I’d end up liking her so much.  He made her out to be this unloving, unkind person.  He always said she was an excellent mother, (and she is) but that she forgot about him and ‘them’ after they had kids.  She had so much anger in her words that day.  I was torn.  Hurting for a woman hurting the way I hurt about my husband but pissed in the way she was talking about the man I had fallen in love with.   She was always so mean to him.  Demanding.  But in a bitchy way.  But amazing to her kids and her friends.  She was nothing but a good friend to me…. I regret what I did to her.  My actions would be very different I think if I could go back…  the way we all started hanging out was innocent enough… I had no idea we (and our kids) would all hit it off.  It seriously could be a book.  It is that twisted and has that many plots.  Sigh. 


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