Today was a hard day.

I had to get off the highway, well everyone did. There was an accident,  but the exit of choice to police officers was the exit HE lives on.  Can I have any more torture in getting over this?  My daughter loudly proclaims from the backseat of my car, “THIS is the road that goes to _________ and ________’s house!  Are we going there?!?!?!?!”

“No honey”  is all that could come out of my mouth before the tears started stinging as they filled and overflowed from my eyes. I quietly kept my tears to myself in the front seat.

The thought of the limo came to mind.   The dark black sleek vehicle, with its shinny handles and trim. He always had a suit on.  I miss playfully pulling HIS tie.

Damn I miss him.


One thought on “Today was a hard day.

  1. OMG girl i know exCRLY WHAT YOU MEAN, coincidentaly i went to a fair yesterday and it was in the sam county he lives in, same route i used o go meet him in the hotel, so close, so far, so denied to me. It was making my heart jump in my chest and a feeling of sorrow. I was wishing it was another timeline, that it was when we were okay and i was on my way to be with him.

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