I wanna go back and do it all over…

My girlfriend said maybe you should put another add on Craigslist. Divorce your husband and find Mr. Wonderful all over again. But Mr. Wonderful has already been found. He’s married. He’s 6ft tall. He makes me laugh and smile. He is amazing. I don’t want any Mr. Wonderful. I want the one I had. I want to go back to mid summer 2011 and just freeze time. Why is this so hard and tricky and complicated and impossible and hurtful and unfair and patchy and unpredictable?!?! The sun feels amazing. I was so happy about this time last year. I was on cloud 9.


One thought on “I wanna go back and do it all over…

  1. OMG i feel your pain, that is why I’m stuck, i don’t want another Great Love, I WANT this Great Love, My Greatest Love, I don’t want to love another. I too wish i could go back to 2007 and relive all the hapiness and see if there is something i could have done differently.

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