Wow, thank you!

I have been nominated for MY VERY FIRST EVER blogging award!  I was shocked and surprised but very, very excited.   I just write to feel better I guess.  My heart breaking falls onto my keyboard and I just go flowing, fingers trying to keep up with my thoughts and feelings.  I have made some amazingly good friends here.  Some who understand and have been there and some who just truly are here for me.  You learn to ignore the hurtful people, you learn to guard your heart from loving so easily, so fast and so hard.  I love him I do.   Should I have?  Probably not.  But I can’t change that now.  Nor would I want to.  The only thing I would have changed was hurting everyone and leaving my husband before hand.   But I would never change the fact that I met him, fell for him and loved him more than I have ever loved anyone, ever.   Thank you so much The Other Side of Infidelity for nominating me.  You said you nominated me because you can relate.  I appreciate having those fellow bloggers who can.  It has made me feel not so alone in this long, amazing, hurtful, heartbreaking, erotic, unexplainable, perfect dream, horrible nightmare of my life over the last two years.   I appreciate you and all my other fellow bloggers.   The rules to receiving this award are as follows:

1. Add the award to your post.
2. Share 7 things none of your fellow bloggers know about you.
3. Nominate another 7 bloggers for the award.

The seven things about me, that nobody knows. This is hard b/c I am pretty open about myself.

1. I’m in school to be a pilot.

2. I am OCD about a clean house.

3. The ‘relationship coin’ that I got HIM for his birthday, I got two so I had one also. It hangs from the mirror of my car.

4. He kissed me in a place the first time we were together that I had NEVER been kissed.

5. It was a bathmat (seriously), that made me realize HE was different.

6.  I have a picture (LOL) of THE bathmat, that we laughed about.

7. The moment I knew it was love was when he was leaving the hotel after we had the best day together I have ever known.

My nominees are:

No More Blues’s Blog:       <—- because I feel it.  I can relate.

After I found out:               <—- helps me see how the other side is affected.

Home Town Humble Pie    <—-Love the writings.

Terribly Torn 13      <—- has commented a lot and made me feel normal.

The Top Left Key    <—- I love the way this writer captures my attention.

Words of a Heart In Love     <—- going through the ups and down of an affair just like me.

and last but not least!!!

Recovering Wayward!  He deleted his blog for his own personal reasons but he still comments on my blogs and makes me desire to set my life straight.  I admire him.  A lot.

Thank you to all of you who help me daily.   Your comments especially make me feel like I don’t have to cry behind closed doors anymore.   That I have people to talk to.  I appreciate all of you, very, very much!


6 thoughts on “Wow, thank you!

  1. it’s a good blog. It deserves to be recognized. You provide a voice that is needed, even if not fully understood or respected. I read your words and it helps me too. It takes courage to admit a love that should not be and cannot be, especially in the face of the barrage of those who belong to the “Shitty Spouse Club” here — betrayed spouses who in their irrational anger and emotions, have to take it out on everyone else here who doesn’t allow them to play victim.

    Don’t worry. I have plans for all of them.

    As for you, keep going!! It’s part of healing to be able to write it.

  2. Congratulations, a job well done deserve recognition, the things you say do come from your heart, from your head and are very personal to you, but it also mirrors the hardship, pain and feelings of others who might not be able to express into paper what they are feeling but through your blog I’m sure many have been able to relate and find solace. Keep pouring your heart and thoughts in your blogs for you serve as inspiration to us all; and enjoy this very much deserved recognition.

    P.S. Thanks for considering me for the award, coming for you it really means a lot.

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