Today is his birthday.


I will always remember his birthday, because it is the same as my moms.

He said he’d never forget mine either being that it is the same as his wife’s.

This is the coin(ish) thing I got him for his bday last year.  I have a matching one that hangs from my car mirror.

This picture makes it appear that its very big but its small actually.

I will never forget when he read what the three tear looking shapes meant the look on his face.  He just hugged me and I swore I was never going to let this man go.

Fate had a different plan.

Happy Birthday to the man I loved more than I have ever loved any man.




5 thoughts on “Today is his birthday.

  1. it’s her birthday today…I agree, it’s not easy, even if you are the one that terminated the relationship. *sigh*

    • Thinking of you. You are always so encouraging for all of us… I am sure there are days/times you hurt too. Days like birthdays and days you spent with them doing something special that you can remember the date are always hard. I am here for you and trust me TOTALLY feel your pain, trust me.

  2. actually I realized it was today, not when I wrote that..sigh…I’m fine..I have my moments, that’s all,. thank you for the kind words. I hear so few of them.

  3. and yes, like you, there are triggers everywhere. Places we’ve been. Songs we’ve shared. Events from a year ago now passing anniversaries. It’s never easy, even if I can never be with her again.

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