I’m at work, so this will be quick…

I’m having a SHIT day.  I dreamt of him.  I never dream.

In my dream:

He had come to my door, (my post about yesterday probably made me dream this) I started to say what I typed yesterday here on my blog, and he threw his mouth on mine my and my words stopped, I fully kissed him back, my knees buckling. He let go, I fell to the floor.  He walked back out my door down the path to the sidewalk, where his wife was waiting.  He put his arm through hers and walked down the street.  I then noticed I was sitting in a HUGE puddle of water, when I realized the ‘water’ was my tears.

How FUCKED up is that?  I woke up having a shit day and being heartbroken.  I want off this roller coaster.   He would never treat me like that.

damn.  I.  Miss. Him.

Okay, back to work.

One thought on “I’m at work, so this will be quick…

  1. I had one really vivid dream about water that I actually blogged about. I never thought of the link between the water being tears, but that’s so interesting that you had a similar kind of dream.

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