Words that made me think. What changes, really? Is it just routine and forgetting to love and respect your partner every single day?


When he tells you hi,

He tells me hello.

When he tells you I’m leaving,

He tells me I’m on my way.

When he leaves you he’s relieved,

When he leaves me he’s sad.

When he touches you its to keep you happy.

When he touches me its to make me happy.

When he talks to you he feels ignored,

When he talks to me he feels needed and appreciated,

When he kisses you its to leave,

When he kisses me it brings him back again.


5 thoughts on “Words that made me think. What changes, really? Is it just routine and forgetting to love and respect your partner every single day?

  1. But it’s all temporary with the OTHER. As I said before, OTHERS are just a fill-in. Not trying to be mean about it, but do you not realize this?? Whether you are in a relationship for a month or two years, it isn’t a full-on relationship. You aren’t able to be “exposed” and carefree with each other.

    I read parts of your post to my husband and he agreed that the OW is just like a booty call. You are simply there to fulfill a need he knows you will fulfill when he needs it. And as my husband said, he will treat you how you want to be treated so that he can keep you around. I mean, if you’re MM started treating you less than, wouldn’t you feel like just that and start to feel rejected and unwanted? So of course, he is going to treat you well and tell you all of the things you want to hear so he can keep you around to fulfill his needs. It’s really quite selfish.

    He had great practice learning what those things are when he and his wife had a beautiful relationship. So of course, you are going to fall for him. If he knows how to be charming and desirable, then he’ll be just that.

    • I would 99 times out of a hundred agree with you, (and your husband), and I don’t want to be that ‘one girl’ who blogs about a MM and says that isn’t how “OURS” was. If it had only been sex, or we only met for sex, I might agree, but you have to remember, for SEVERAL months we didn’t even kiss.

      • what both of us missed in our relationship wasn’t sex. I mean I didn’t have a sex life at all my husband wasn’t here, but he made it clear that he needed the emotional part. He had no conversation. No connection. No appreciation. If he wanted sex he could sleep with his wife. It never was a priority in our relationship. After six months we kissed. After a year we had sex for the first time. I think that moment meant more because we built this ‘friendship/relationship’ before just jumping in the sack but I feel that it was soooo far from a booty call. And I don’t think he took eight to 12 months to ‘be nice to warm me up’ to have a sexual relationship. I think people have affairs to have a need met that isn’t being met at home. Our need in both of our situations was emotional. We would meet and get a room, and order room service and just talk- eat lunch and laugh. It was simply amazing.

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