It just dawned on me….

that getting over his pill addiction is probably similar to me getting over HIM.

I don’t think I was addicted to him I just think I truly loved him.

But either way both my husband and I are healing.  And it is hard work on both sides.  We are trying to not let the other down, and I am really struggling today.  Today is nothing other than an end to a very emotional weekend of my aunt’s funeral and family being in.

I miss the way my head felt buried in HIS chest as his arms were wrapped around me making me feel better.  Why don’t I get that same feeling of relief when my husband hugs me?!?  I just feel angry at my husband today.  Angry that he can’t comfort me when I am hurting and emotional.  And instantly my thoughts run to HIM.  Fuck this is hard.

I wish I could forget.


3 thoughts on “It just dawned on me….

  1. Here is the solution: Stop comparing your husband to him.

    You need to give your husband the chance to earn back your trust and to get comfortable around you and you around him.This will take time. Things will be awkward for a while. Don’t hold it against him.

      • I totally understand. With the help of others, I have been able to see some things that I was doing wrong while trying to repair my relationship with my husband. It really helps to have an outside view to help pull you back so that you can see the bigger picture in things.

        I know it is hard and you will struggle for a while, but in the end it will all be worth it…even if you don’t stay together, you will learn a lot about yourself in the process and you will come out stronger.

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