I’d just like to thank….

http://onlinedatingjournal.wordpress.com/  for nominating me for this amazing little bloggers award.  I feel like I just write what is on my heart.  Thank you for this so much!

So the ‘rules’ of getting this award is as follows:

You are to repost the award in a post that includes the blogg of the person that nominated you!  Again, for me this would be http://onlinedatingjournal.wordpress.com/  (THANK YOU!!)

Then you are supposed to state ten things about you…. UMMMMM, (this is the part I don’t like).

I liked the idea of ask me any questions about myself that you my readers would like to know and I will truthfully answer them… anything.  Ask away.

Your comments can be your questions.

The last requirement of this blog is to give the award to ten other bloggers!  So here it goes!

1. http://shellssecrets.wordpress.com/               <—— LOVE YOU and your blog!

2. http://fourtiming.wordpress.com/                  <——I can so relate!!!

3. http://recoveringwayward.wordpress.com   <—– a HUGE help through all of my mess!

4.  http://ourjourneyafterhisaffair.wordpress.com   <——- my biggest commenter… I appreciate you and all your thoughts!

5. http://rocksforbrains.wordpress.com   <—– Love the posts!

6. http://helprequired.wordpress.com   <——feel for this blogger… we comment and email to each other often.

7. http://thetopleftkey.wordpress.com   <——-simple posts that make me think.

8. http://vsichalwe.wordpress.com/  <—— this blog has nothing to do with what I am going through but the comments to  me are always so kind and helpful!

9. http://storyofalice.wordpress.com/   <—— LOVE this blog!

10. http://serialliterature.wordpress.com/  <—— this bloggers comments are so encouraging and their blog is very attention getting!

I appreciate all of your posts, comments and kindness!  You all mean so very much to me, and have been a HUGE part of my healing process!  Thank you for all of your help!!!!  Please remember in the comments to ask me anything that you, (any of my readers) want to know or are wondering about me… I will answer!!!!


12 thoughts on “I’d just like to thank….

  1. well-deserved! your blog is raw, thought-provoking…sad…sweet….and helpful to many! You are courageous to do this blog, given the biased, and mean-spirited nature of so many out there!

  2. Wow I am so taken back, I never ever expected this, specially like you said by blog has nothing to do with what you going through.. so thank you, I am glad you appreciate what I say, it means alot. This is really beautiful.

    • My husband knows I blog, but I have several blogs. He doesn’t know about this blog and I don’t know yet if I want him to know. I’m not one for keeping secrets, however I do think how MUCH I felt for HIM would hurt my husband to read. I don’t know. I don’t hide it, if he wanted to he could find it… I just am noticing that he gets really down when the conversation turns to HIM. My husband understands why I did what I did… its not like we were happily married or even living together when I had my affair, I was alone for nearly two years. He was absent… he was out living his ‘other’ dream. I was tired of always being alone and TRULY felt like he was never going to come back. Why didn’t I ask for a divorce? I was praying one day he might ‘wake up’ I guess. What we had in the beginning was awesome.

      • I totally understand!! My husband knows I blog, and although I am open to him reading it, he knows there are things I write that he may not be ready to read. I struggle with how emotions affect intimacy.

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  4. Thank you for the nomination. All of the sudden, the hits on my site have jumped tremendously. In fact, today will be the most hits I’ve ever had in one day. Some of the referrals are coming from your site, dear. I thank you for that.

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