Let it be okay, let it be okay, let it be okay,


Let the bullshit begin.

“So if I don’t jam, does that mean I shouldn’t go watch them?”


REALLY?  REALLY?  You are asking me this? Three days prior to you leaving for three weeks?


I think I’m more hurt than pissed.


12 thoughts on “Let it be okay, let it be okay, let it be okay,

  1. I’m sorry. If he is doing meetings and has a sponsor, remind him that his sponsor would discourage him from being in or near any places where he used to use or that would support that.

  2. Tell him that’s like an alcoholic going to a bar and drinking a Coke. He may do the right thing, but by simply putting himself in that environment, he is putting his recovery at risk. He is increasing his chances of a relapse.

    Why tempt yourself?

  3. Oh boy. He has obviously been doing penance. But he really does love you. His head is just to fully screwed on right now. He didn’t really mean it…

    • I just know how much he loves his music. I hate that the drinking/drugs/women/being away/traveling all comes with it… and when every band member does it there is no way that eventually you won’t. He didn’t end up going but if this is an issue on our second month when we are doing so good what is going to happen on month 18 when we are back to normal married life?!? I’m terrified to get hurt again. Its this fricking circle.

  4. i wonder about his use of the word ‘jam’. I compare it to gamblers using chips instead of cash. He’s not going to use drugs…he’s going to ‘jam’. Personally, I would make him spell it out. Maybe hearing the words out loud would snap some sense back into him.

    When my wife was worried her drinking was getting to be in excess and she would turn into her alcoholic mother. I don’t drink a lick, so I started referring to alcohol in the house as ‘Mommy Juice’ to the kids. She HATED it! But it did the trick.

    • There is no confusion of what jamming means to me. They all go hang out and play their music, its just that the other guys get high and drink to do it. I don’t want him there. It sucks. It makes me feel like I am his mom in telling him yes or no. I just want him to NOT want to go. I want him to be happy with being just with us. If you miss the music lets go to a concert or a show, or go watch a local band at the park… its the guys in the group I want to take a hike. 😦

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