So last night I had the most f’d up dream….. (excuse the abbreviated language)

I was a cop.

I wanted to be a police officer like my dad when I was a kid..

anyway in my dream I was a police officer.

I was in my squad car.   A car went speeding by and I flipped on my lights.    The person pulls over right away and I step out of my car.

(funny part, IN MY DREAM,  I looked good in my aviator/cop sun glasses which in real awake life I don’t!   In real life,  I love these shinny glasses so much BUT, I look like a fly)…

I walk up to the car that was speeding and the window starts to roll down.   I realize half way through saying,” LICENSE and REGISTRATION”  that its HER his wife driving with HIM in the passenger seat high as a kite from getting teeth pulled at the dentist and all their kids in the back.

I stood there for  a second in total shock.  She hands me her license with a “I want to kick your ass because you fucked my husband but can’t because your a cop and people will be driving by thinking I’m assaulting an officer look.”

I take her license and think for a long time what should I do.  HE is squirming in his seat realizing its a good thing that his mouth is numb because she might punch him.

The kids in the back are screaming “YOUR A COP?!?!” 

(yeah kid I didn’t know I was a cop either until this dream but in my dream I look like this —->)

I hand her her license back and said we can go ahead and make this a warning, even though with me you have a free pass for life due to what I did to you and your family.

JUST THEN a car FLYS BY with bullets spraying from it at her car and me… I scream for her to lay down and get the kids down.  I spin around and start firing…

The next minute her van is gone, HE and his kids are gone, and I am standing in front of HER protecting her from these bullets.

and then I woke up!

HOW MESSED UP.   I am NOT a dream analyzer, but here is what I think LMAO….

If I run into her (one on one) I either need to be a cop or have a gun to protect MYSELF.


I am protecting her in my dreams so I can convince her I am a good person and not a whore like she thinks I am…

and I think this the most…. if I can do something DRAMATIC like save her life, maybe she will forgive me and we can call it even and she not hate me.   I don’t expect her to be my friend… just not be secretly wishing me dead.


3 thoughts on “So last night I had the most f’d up dream….. (excuse the abbreviated language)

  1. I wanted to be a cop when I was in junior high school myself so I did some reading and quickly discovered that to be a cop I would either have to give up my integrity or end up with a bullet in my back from a fellow cops gun. I chose to keep my integrity.

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