When a person, blogger,  or group of people, bloggers,  usually friends, or sometimes in college sorority sisters, act very immature, don’t ever escape the “high school mindset” such as getting caught up in stupid (catty) drama that is relatively unimportant, are sometimes annoying, loud, obnoxious, materialistic, drunk, change their morals for the acceptance of others, act like they are “the shit” and above others in status who are not in that group, etc. things of that nature.
I can’t stand that group of peoples’ “catty” attitudes.
They are going no where in life until they realize that they  need to grow up and stop acting so… “CATTY”!

7 thoughts on “Catty

    • I know I thought it was, but when I copied the definition off of Urban Dictionary which made me laugh they had it spelled Caddy and I thought I was loosing my mind, I thought I was spelling it wrong lol. Made the changes thanks! LOL.

      • Some people just don’t want to know the truth, because it would require them to look in the mirror, not just be a victim.

        Ok, let’s pretend that this person’s situation is unique. That they were and are a FANTASTIC spouse, but their husband cheated anyway. Ok. Fine. But that is by far the exception. People who are content in their relationships — where their needs are being met — don’t cheat! Except in those cases where they are incredibly flawed and will do it no matter what. But these are so few as to not worth being discussed. I don’t think ANYWHERE you said that cheating in EVERY CASE occurred within the context of a poor relationship. It’s doesn’t. We’re talking about the norm. And overwhelming, it doesn’t. So this idiot’s opinion is pointless. She’s just here to stir the pot. Or somehow to defend her own flagging ego because her husband cheated, and therefore, she needs to vent her anger at an indirect target, like you. So be it. Realize the context of what’s been said. She’s not smart. She’s not intuitive. She’s all emotion and illogic. Ignore her. She adds nothing to the conversation, debate, let alone understanding. She’s a angry bitch with a keyboard. That’s all.

    • No… I just think its funny how different all the sides are… and I like talking… I don’t like when it gets ugly… or rude or slamming… that is the part I was talking about..

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