Been there, done that….


I bought the book, “What Really Happened”.  It is written by R. Hunter who was John Edwards mistress.   I am two chapters in and have so many thoughts.   I don’t know how on day one someone can walk into a total strangers hotel room and just be okay with doing that.  I will never forget how awkward it was to meet HIM for the first time and we had TALKED everyday for six months!  We knew TONS about each other… and even the first SEVERAL times we met we NEVER did anything… we just talked in person.   I loved it.. in no way did I ever feel awkward or rushed.  One night, talking in his limo ‘more just happened’, making out and kissing, (no sex still).  The sex thing we talked about for a long time.  Not knowing if we could ‘go’ there.   We both understood.   We didn’t push it we respected each other.

I am so excited to keep reading this book.  HIM and I talked about John Edwards and Ms. Hunter back when our affair had just got off the ground… I told HIM that I never understood people who could have or did have affairs, until I had one.   I understand now being so unhappy at home, being so alone and falling in love head over heels for someone regardless of their situation.   HE said he understood that now too.   You fall in love with who you fall in love with.  What you are supposed to do is not put yourself in a situation to fall in love when you are not free to do so.   Hindsight right?  Well it is what it is.  I won’t ever regret HIM or what we did, I don’t ..  I just regret parts of it.  Not ending my marriage first, being friends with his wife, and letting our kids become close… that frankly was shitty.  Thing was I had no idea her and I would be such great friends and our kids would hit it off… I just thought I’d see him at our kids’ activities once a week.  Yeah, it exploded.


6 thoughts on “Been there, done that….

  1. It always explodes doesn’t it? They always say that nothing good can come of an affair. My hope is, that though I won’t celebrate the affair, it will lead to more epiphanies about myself that will lead me to be a better wife- safeguarding my marriage from this ever happening again.

  2. While you can’t understand just walking into a total stranger’s hotel room like that, the thought of carrying on an emotional affair that turns physical makes me a nervous wreck. Ha. I guess we all do it differently! I may have to check out that book.

  3. When it comes to men and women our society is two faced: He gets hauled into court and condemned while she gets put on a pedestal with a book deal.

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