My pastor talked me into one last effort.

He personally is going to council us.

He believes in my husband.

He believes in me.

He believes in us.

I guess he has a counseling book on both, affairs and addiction and we are going to combine them and work on one each week alternating.

He helped me see/understand that moving on was understandable after two years, but married is married.

He helped Steve see that I felt like I had been ‘left’ which then made me feel like ‘moving on’ was okay.

The part I am most excited about?  Not that I wish this on anyone.  He lost his first wife, (who had an affair) because he started drinking too much and hit rock bottom.   So we have this person who has BEEN there.

I’m excited.  I’m scared.  I’m nervous.  I’m hopeful.

I’m Terrified.


9 thoughts on “My pastor talked me into one last effort.

  1. This is fantastic news, I’m super excited for you and I am hopeful that this will be really good for both of you. I saw this and I thought of you. H.O.P.E Hold On, Pain Ends.

    • wow, I have never heard that about hope. Cool! I just wish I could get past this ‘stranger’ feel with my husband… it is so awkward. Its like you open your door to someone new and just ask him to do things and sleep next to you… he is/we are completely different now. It is so weird.

  2. I wish you nothing but the very best…..and hope that this effort, if nothing else helps you find the direction that your life needs. Twisting in the wind is the hardest part…but now it at least seems there is a focus.
    Best of luck in this new chapter.

  3. No reason to be terrified, but I think you need to give your marriage a full effort. All your attention, your heart and soul. I’m not sure you’ve really REALLY done it. That being said, if you do that, and it’s still not working, well, then you can walk away and agree that you really tried. However, you might find that there is still a chance here. Take it. Good luck to you. I can see you are in turmoil.

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