Come see that bare skin on my side where your frozen snow exposed finger tips slid under my shirt several months ago.

I’ll never forget your cold lips and hot breath upon my skin in the most intimate places.

The way everything was forgotten but you and what you were doing to me.

Forgetting home. Forgetting life. Forgetting reality. Forgetting time.

Feeling emotions. Feeling arousal. Feeling alive. Feeling all of my senses form together.

Feeling love for someone like I never had.

Feeling what emotions were supposed to feel like when private moments like that we’re shared with someone.

(I can’t get HIM out of my head today.)


4 thoughts on “Remembering…

  1. be strong. These days, these moments ..they happen. You must sort of accept them as part of recovery and let them pass through you because they will. Thinking of you, little sister.

    • I know. I’ve just noticed that voicing them makes me see sometimes how ridiculous and pathetic I sound later…. does that make sense? How crazy it is to love someone you can’t have? Someone who isn’t yours TO love. Sigh it just all sucks.

      • well, it does take courage to blog something like that because some might see a post like this, so many months after the fact as being a bit pathetic. But anyone who has loved and lost understands, even if that love was “wrong”. It’s ok. Say what you need to say.

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