Husband Update



So we are doing good.  Since our weekend.  I told him about Jay, (last post) and what happened.  He was happy with the way I handled it.  I am happy that he felt like I talked to him and included him in that.

It seems as if right now we are doing well.  Ever since that weekend we have done pretty good.   He has moved back in for good… we have done that slowly but since last weekend he hasn’t left.   Its been amazing.   For almost a week now we have done perfectly.  Don’t misunderstand, I don’t expect perfection, that is just how it has been.   We both watched Fireproof and WOAH aside from the poor acting was that movie a wake up call.

He struggled with the part of the addiction, (the movie it was about porn) but we both absorbed it as pills.  My husband cried telling me it helped him see how badly he was hurting me.   The movie made me see my parts and my faults too.  Being stubborn and not helping him when he was down being that he was my husband.  It showed us how much more we BOTH could be doing.

So far so good.

Just thought I’d update you all 🙂  Thanks for being here for me!! xoxox


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