Why sure, add ONE more thing to my plate.

My car broke down.  It is fixed now… yay  it was done yesterday, but my Oakley glasses and bluetooth ear thing and case are missing out of my car…. which pisses me off.

My kids need school supplies.

I have three school registrations I need to get to tonight before 7, (oh and I work until 6).

Two of my kids each have a different coach, on different fields that managed to pick the same night for practice at the same time.

My house is a bomb because I am sick.

I haven’t slept for a week because I lay there and worry about my husband.

My job seriously has days where I’d just like to walk away crying.

But somehow we move forward.  We get to the practices we get through the day, the school supplies get bought and somewhere I will find the time to bitch slap the mechanic that took my glasses and bluetooth.  I’m so pissed at myself that I didn’t think to take them out of my car when a dealership (A MERCEDES dealership no less) worked on my car….

SORRY JUST VENTING… I’m a little stressed today!


5 thoughts on “Why sure, add ONE more thing to my plate.

    • I just do it, I’m not always sure how… and that is only a couple of my kids, we have six… yours mine and ours… My husband (sadly) usually isn’t home. For the most part he hasn’t been home by his choice but in his defense lately he is working out of town. He has been working out of town for several weeks now… He is here on the weekends usually.

      • My husband works out of town too, but he’s usually gone only 3 days/week. This week he will be gone on our anniversary…but I’m looking forward to a week-long trip we have coming up. It must be tricky to get babysitting so you two can spend time alone together!

      • time alone? Whats that? kidding. We are able to get some time together being that most of our kids are much older. We just have two that are younger 7 and 4 so sometimes I’ll pay the big kids to babysit for a quick dinner or something.

      • It’s hard when he’s travelling out of town though. I get that. So much trust is needed when that is going on.

        (Sorry for the slow reply…I just realized I had all of these responses hidden in a different area…I thought nobody was replying to me…but they are all over here!!)

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