So on average…

So on average I get about a hundred hits a day, (people reading my blog).

Yesterday 291 people read my blog.

37 of the blogs I read were visited yesterday by my readers…

8  people visited my blog from your blogs. (THANKS).

I can’t believe THAT many people are even interested in reading/knowing MY story.  Little ol’ me.

I love the support, Thank you!

5 thoughts on “So on average…

  1. I know what you mean. I have almost 50 followers and average about 120 hits a day, and one time had over 300. I’m frankly shocked myself.

    And panicked…I’m running out of topics! I don’t want to topic any longer about the day to day things about my marriage, or even her. I’d rather discuss the topic in general. And I’m running out of ideas.

    • I think your three hundred day was my 345 day (JUNE 8th) because it was that day that you and I ticked off that woman on that blog about how wives don’t play roles in their husbands having an affair… remember that… all her little blog followers NAILED your blog and mine tryng to see what aholes we were! lol

  2. I know what you mean. I’m up around 90 followers and my best day was over 400 views. I average much closer to 200-250. I know I’m no Perez Hilton (or whatever that famous celebrity blogger’s name is), but some days the support is overwhelming.

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