Faith, Trust and Effort.

Okay something is up.
I am not usually negitive.
I am not usually easily annoyed.
I am not usually affected by others.
I don’t usually let the opinions of others get to me.
I don’t usually let my day depend on the moods/comments and attitudes of others.

Well I guess today is like no other day.

Maybe he is fine and it is me.
I am just annoyed and can’t let the fing truck thing go.
That was almost a week ago.

I am just so scared.
Scared that my head is going to tell my heart, “I told you so!”




3 thoughts on “Faith, Trust and Effort.

  1. Go check his truck and tell him it’s part of his agreement to be transparent and to maintain a safe, drug-free home environment. And it’s also because you have little trust in him as he has lied before. Tell him that his actions last week spawned these thoughts….that you felt he was being secretive and hiding something….why else would he refuse to provide his vehicle for your security?

  2. Oh, this must be so difficult for you… hopefully it will be clear soon, and it will turn out there was nothing in the truck…

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