Can I just say….

I fricking LOVE this song!  It seriously makes me want to turn it way, way up and start dancing!

Match Box 20’s new song! 


8 thoughts on “Can I just say….

  1. Funny that you picked up on this. Since I was away last weekend, I made up a CD of my favorite Matchbox 20 songs, and put this one on first. It’s a good tune.

  2. Hi there… recently found your blog and figured out how to log in and comment. I am also a recovering OW. Your story is similar to mine in several ways. Just wanted to say, thank you for writing this blog. No one wants to hear our side of the story, we’re the *itch. Anyway, best wishes to you! Keep writing!

    • I’m so glad you found me!!! I will for sure follow your blog, its so nice to find people who have been in my shoes and understand that we are not *HORRIBLE (GASP)* people, but just the opposite and very human with feelings. Can’t wait to read your blog and your story, which I am sure I will understand and feel every part of.

      • OH! I just realized that when I tried to click on your name it doesn’t go to a blog… wow, I’ve never had people w/o blogs comment! How cool! Sorry I assumed you did! You should blog though 🙂 its therapeutic! LOL!

  3. I don’t have a blog, just figured out how you can get a username without one. I was also surprised I didn’t have to have one! Again, thanks for writing and sharing. I too am trying to repair my marriage. How long are you from D-day? I am 14 months. This really did devastate my life, and everyone in it.

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