Relaxation? What? What is that?


Today, (believe it or not), is National Relaxation Day.
Which happens to be hysteical to me. Does anyone ever for a full day relax? Can we? Is it even possible? I think even if we relax our mind goes a million miles an hour.
Whats for dinner?
I have to go to the gym.
I need a nap.
Kaiser sent ANOTHER letter saying I was a year late for my OBGYN appt. Crap.
My car brakes sensor came on. Crap.
I need to do school supply shopping still.
My kids need new shoes.
I am almost out of coffee.

So my point is if I tried to relax, (for even an hour let alone a DAY) this is the crap that comes to mind.

And I am no different than anyone else… we all have this annoying list going on in our heads. Its just life.

Life makes it impossible to relax. So the natioal holiday I think is crazy. Not to mention I am working with ten children under the age of six today. That sounds like a VERY relaxing day LOL!
I hope relaxation finds you if even for five minutes today, God knows we all deserve it.


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