I want to talk about the picture I decided to use at the top of my blog.

It has great meaning to me.  It is just a random picture I found.  But for my life, my blog, I love this picture.   Here is why I like it.

#1.  It’s a woman and I am a woman.

#2.  She is naked.  This was important to me NOT because my blog is sexual but because it is raw and out there and nothing is covered up, everything is exposed. Like it or not this is my story.  Naked and real.

#3.  She has her arms stretched out in two directions.   I wish I was good at photo editing… I’d put a MM (married man) under one of her palms and a MH (my husband) under her other.   I love how if  their pictures or their names fell under her palms and her arms are stretched out to them, it appears to be a S-T-R-E-T-C-H or hard work to reach either man.  Which if you follow my blog you know is true.

#4.  I love that the picture is grey.  Not black (your married)  Not white, (your having an affair).   That GREY area.  That I am married, but he is never home and I loved a married man GREY area.  Does that make sense?

#5.  This may be one of the weirdest reasons I like this picture.   I am not blonde and I do not have long hair.   I like sometimes looking at my situation from outside the box.  Like my life would be someone else’s… what would I tell someone, how would I think if someone I knew was having an affair….   I know that seems crazy but I like blogging about me, but I try to make myself a character, because its so hard to well,…. talk about ourselves a lot.

So know that the picture I picked has meaning.  I love it.   I just wanted you guys to know why I picked it and why it’s important to me.


8 thoughts on “I want to talk about the picture I decided to use at the top of my blog.

  1. The real world isn’t black and white. But it’s more than shades of grey I hope….it’s nice to understand your choice. I’m not at all sure why I chose my graphic. Thinking on that.

  2. Can’t find your e-mail on here… but let me know if you wanna try working the names or initials into the photo 😉

  3. It’s Oct 2013 and your most recent post is about Her drowning. When explaining your choice of picture for your header, you said you wished you were good at photo editing. Either you really are a good at editing or that site, where you found the pic, also just happened to have this image underwater. Either way that was a great pic for your post. Sorry you feel like you are drowning. (((Hugs)))

    • I couldn’t believe it that the sight that had this pic, had it underwater too. I wish I could edit like that lol, however it was very relevant and the cool thing was I found the image after my post.

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