My sick, shit filled weekend. Literally.


I haven’t been blogging because my life has been insane. Insane is the only word that comes to mind in describing it.
I have six children if you count my step daughter. School supply and clothes shopping is enough to make you want to run away screaming with birth control in high quantities in hand. I have been sick, (which is why blogging has not occurred). Sore throat, fever, ears and head hurting, you name it. YUCK.
Thursday I decided since my husband was coming home I’d change the sheets on our bed, and make our room candle lit and pretty. So I dusted, vacuumed, changed the sheets, set up candles to light later and took the sheets that were on the bed in a laundry basket to the laundry room to wash. I open the door to the laundry room with basket in hand to find our laundry room was flooded with shit. Literally. The sewer had backed up into my basement and downstairs bathroom. 9 hours. 9 hours of cleaning up. $400 dollars for a plumber. My husband walked through the door and I just started crying. I was tired. Overwhelmed. Exhausted and all I wanted was a shower. The plumber left, the problem was fixed the mess was cleaned and disinfected. Everything that was ruined was thrown out. I showered and went to bed. No fun, romantic evening occurred. The next morning I woke up to do work and my husband woke up sick. SUPER sick, just like I have been. He was sick all weekend. I did all the supply shopping, all the shoe shopping, uniform shopping and I think I got it done. We went out for Pizza for dinner and he went out-of-town again Sunday night. So there you have it. See why our marriage is taking so long to work on? Because when he comes home THIS is what our weekends are like. I know that is life. I am so ready for this out-of-town job to be over with, so the in town jobs can start again. However, they keep adding, (weeks and weeks) of work to this job. I think this is for sure the next two months of my life… maybe longer. I’m trying to remain positive. I think if our marriage was in a good place, this would be cake. But it’s not, and it isn’t.


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