And you wonder why he fucked around….

I didn’t scope your husband out.

I didn’t see you and think I’m going to fuck her husband.

I didn’t PLAN to have an affair.

I didn’t assume we would click.

I didn’t know one thing would lead to another.

I didn’t think I’d connect with him like I did.

I didn’t think we’d laugh until we cried at nothing that had to do with you.

I didn’t think we’d share things and situations with each other that were heartbreaking.  To the point that we both shed tears.

I didn’t think that we would support each other and encourage each other when things at *HOME* were bad and DID suck.

I didn’t think that I’d start to look forward to seeing him because of all the emotion we shared.

I didn’t think I could be intimate with him.

In our case it wasn’t like we just jumped in the sack or fucked in the backseat of a car.

We talked about it for a long time… made sure that was where we wanted to go.  It wasn’t like we waited a week either.   It was almost a year.  It was a step that was SERIOUSLY thought about… with the consequences in mind.

His love for you was never doubted.  It was known.  He just was tired of being a thing to you and not a person.

The things he shared with me, he said not even you knew because you said, “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT OR TALK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY”.

And guess what?  I know that was the truth because SEVERAL times I heard you say that to him.

He is a human.

He has feelings.

And needs.

Just because he is this big, strong, providing man doesn’t mean you don’t have to care for him and love him.   He has a heart.  He bleeds.  He hurts.  He is human.

You, (even in front of me),  have always been so mean and hurtful and rude to him.  You often put him down in front of others.  Belittled his efforts.  Laughed at him when he failed.   I’ll never forget him swerving to avoid an accident,  (saving your family) and you posted on facebook that “HE SWERVED IN SUCH A DUMB ASS WAY THAT IT SCRATCHED YOUR VAN ON THE WALL BY THE HEADLIGHT’.     FOR FUCKS SAKE, YOUR FAMILY IS ALIVE FROM HIM SWERVING.

A man can only take so much of that.  Add that to all the shit I was taking and dealing with from my husband and its no wonder we connected.

Please be kind to him.

We were both so hurt by the two people that were SUPPOSED to love us the  most.

So keep it up and I promise you his ass will land in someone else’s arms again.

He looks so down, and alone, and broken.   Love him damnit.  Seriously, put your hands on him and LOVE the man that has been given to you to love.

15 thoughts on “And you wonder why he fucked around….

  1. To put it bluntly, she sounds like an awful person. No wonder the two of you connected, the love you clearly show for him is so evident just from reading this post. Its good he has someone who truly appreciates him. This is a beautiful post!

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