waking to reality

I close my eyes.

Away I drift.

Walking slowly through a curtain flowing path.

I feel so relaxed.

I hear you.

I feel your presence.

I see nothing.

I feel you breathing down my neck.

I feel goosebumps rise down my neck over my collar bone,  down and up over my breasts,

I feel paralyzed.

You flow over me like water.

My heart beats to my breathing, quick.

I find the curtains covering my nude body, they turn into sheets of red.

They are moving as if you are beneath them with me.

I feel like I am floating.

Whispers, and moans move the sheets beneath my lips when I turn over.

Satin, silk, fabric so soft,

I find over me when my eyes open and I find myself in my own bed thrown back into my own reality.


2 thoughts on “waking to reality

  1. Honey…..my heart breaks for you.I too am living this life…I have been following for awhile now,we have very similar stories…only today did I have the courage to reply as tears ran down my face.Sending you all the strength & love I have……just try,I know it’s so hard…find something just for today,hour by hour to bring some light into your soul x

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