What if….

This is all he wanted and he never meant the words said to me in the bathroom of that divorce attorneys office.

Drugs suck.


5 thoughts on “Lies.

  1. I think he was sincere, he just may not be strong enough to say no to his addiction. No matter how much you hate yourself and the things you do because of your drug use, there is that instant high that you get from them that is just so easy to achieve therefore is so tempting.

    When you really lose everything you had because of them – or begin to – that is usually when most addicts will really be ready to change. Most, not all.

  2. I hope my post will make sense to you as I sometimes have problems doing so via written word. IF he was anything like me, he meant what he said but 1. because he wanted the sex and adventure and 2. because he didn’t know any better.

    I told my last affair partner (the other woman) how much I loved her and wanted to be with her mainly for sexual gratification and also because I never knew what love was! That is, until I entered a recovery program and slowly started to realize what real love is. It wasn’t adventurous flings with women or pornographic sex, it was more than that, deeper than that, it was a love that God represents, something good and holy. When I told her I loved her, I didn’t know what it meant, it was my unhealthy and perverse interpretation of love.

    In recovery, I know what love means and I tell my wife I love her because I mean it. I will admit, occationally, I still get sex and loved confused, but it isn’t like it used to be. The cloud has been lifted, my eyes have been open to what a healthy relationship full of real love can be, with my wife, not TOW.

    If this is the end of your relationship, then it is a blessing. I hope you will be strong enough to reject any future advances from this man. Both you and he need to work on yourselves and your own boundary situations. He may or may not be a sex addict, you may or may not be a sex addict (or sex and love addict). Only time and therapy will tell.

    • I just want to make sure you understood that my husband is addicted to pain pills and the other man I am no longer with. Maybe I read your comment wrong but I think I understood your comment to mean you thought the other man was the addict. …? You may have it right I have a severe migraine today due to all of this drama, and I can’t focus very well… I will re read it later. Thank you for being there for me!

  3. My sister went thru something like this with her husband and two young children. He tried rehab a few times he made promises He was a nice person some of the time but he could not be straight. They lost everything. Got divorced. A few years after that he was found dead living alone. Sad. Now my sisters been single for many years. She’s been the OW and she says it was the love of her life. But no more. She content that her two children are fine people and that she will be ok financially.

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