A Better Place

I woke up this morning in an exceptional mood.   The song playing softly on my alarm clock was “Half of My Heart” by John Meyer.   I love that song.  It had my toe tapping with my eyes still closed :).   I am in a much better place (and mood) since my last post.  I feel like a damn emotional roller coaster.  GEESH!    I know, I know I am not a piece of shit.  I know.   Yes, that is what I called myself on my last post but it was almost like I hit bottom that day.  My husband had left last weekend, and my reality slapped me in the face.   I am being put through an emotional hell right now.  I believe we all go through ‘trials’ to learn something. I believe everything happens for a reason.  Whatever this lesson is that I am supposed to learn or get out of this experience can just move on now lol.

My kids are great.

My finances right now are better than they have been 🙂

My emotions are getting better.

I’m learning to focus on one day at a time.

I ‘unfriended’ my husband on facebook.

I haven’t changed my ‘relationship status’ yet because I just don’t want to deal with family and friends.   I wish you could change it w/o it posting “C CHANGED HER RELATIONSHIP STATUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IN BOLD LETTERS THAT COULD BE MISTAKEN TO BE WRITTEN IN RED.   LOL.

I’m seriously on the fence about writing a book.   You can’t tell me this drama from day one doesn’t tell a good story.  Why not have this bull shit have some positive in it?   I don’t know maybe no one would read it but then you guys read this, (a LOT) of you lol.   🙂    I appreciate all of you!

On a lighter, (and pointless) note, the only thing I am a little annoyed about today is the fact that my BRAND NEW Gap sweats have a hole in the seam.  I feel like you buy a crappy pair of Walmart sweats and they will last forever but you look horrible.   You spend an extra eight dollars for cute sweats, (yes they make cute sweats) from Gap and they last a week.   I don’t get it.     I am SOOOOO not a sweats kind of girl.  I always dress up, however fall has arrived and I live in a chilly state, and the cute rowing club sweats and matching hoodie was ohhhh so cute and looked super cozy.   Sucker.   😀



15 thoughts on “A Better Place

  1. Regarding Facebook…you can change the status without notifying the your whole friends list. After clicking edit, on the left of your relationship status is a little symbol of the planet earth with an arrow pointing down…click the arrow and change it to Only Me. The only problem is that anyone who looks at your page will notice your relationship status will have disappeared from your profile (which might illicit some questions, if people are super nosy)…but just reading the daily feed, no one will notice.

  2. You know I am right in there like a dirty shirt with the whole book thing. Well, except I’ll clean the shirt. Like a good editor would. You really must write, C. I’m here for you. Really wish I could give you a hug.

  3. I love your state! I’m visiting again right now and always look forward to coming back!! : )

    As for Facebook status…I felt the same way when my long time bf and I broke up. Now that I’m with my man, I don’t think “single” is fitting and “in a relationship” brings too many questions so I just removed the “relationship box” from view. It doesn’t send any notice, that might be an option for you.

  4. that sweats situation stinks 😦 but they are a big company maybe if you bring them in you can get a new pair? I hate that Facebook does that I changed my status to nothing..not single just nothing and it still posted it.

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