And another one, (one day) will be screwed over….

So new day new thoughts right?

You will laugh, (maybe) when you hear what is on my mind today.

I have this client from hell.

She is a spoiled pampered brat.

(She wants to know why her child acts this way…)

Well this is the client that makes me CRAZY.

Rules don’t apply her, that kind of thing.

Well she met Mr. Wonderful, (really, he is MR. Wonderful).  Kind, charming, handsome, LOVES her daughter.  He really is a nice guy.

I don’t get it.  Why in almost EVERY relationship I know that is how it is.   You either have a straight laced person marry a pill popping alcoholic, (yes I’m talking about me here)  Or her total Bitch marry’s the nice guy,   or my sister Mrs. happy and laid back marries Mr. Uptight, OCD.   LOL I know they say opposites attract but geesh.

Anyway he proposed to her.   And I feel all weird about it.  They are not family.  Not really friends outside of work and facebook.  Yet for some reason it is all I can think about.   The romantic way he proposed.  How she is on this pedestal with him.   She is his everything and I am annoyed by it.

I think what it is, is I find it amazing that these good people land themselves and are blind to these aholes.

I see how she treats her daughters dad, me, my kids, she is horrible.  I just find myself wanting to scream in a horror movie voice “RUUUUNNNNN” to this man.

I don’t know why I am so consumed by it.

Maybe its because I want the fairytale too.   But I want the good guy and not the ass.



4 thoughts on “And another one, (one day) will be screwed over….

  1. I agree with you on why you might be focused on it.

    Love is not a fairytale. Truth is, we fall in love with what’s on the inside. And the rest of the world may not get to see the part of your spouse that you fall in love with. That is not meant to be put on display; if it was, many other women would want and seek my man.

    I am the bitch with the awesome guy. I haven’t always been a bitch and I’m not one just because it feels good to be one. I have issues underneath that: my fear of being hurt and my fear of things being out of control. It makes me uptight and cranky. It makes me hard to deal with.

    I have to learn to stop living in fear so that I can be that person my husband fell in love with.

    Maybe these people have similar issues. Some will acknowledge them and correct them, some won’t. I hate seeing something go to waste, too. You see a great guy that you know would be perfect with someone else and instead he is stuck with a nag.

    You know what, though, he isn’t “stuck.” He is free to leave whenever he wants.

  2. That happens everywhere and it drives me nuts! I treat A like a queen and she picked some jackass drunk, I hope she sees thought it all one day:)

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