Sunday Morning

I am in bed with my TV on lifetime, coffee close, laptop in lap, reading glasses, (gulp got yesterday lol),  loving this relaxing morning.   My oldest three are with friends (they all had sleepovers) and my youngest two are doing the cartoon playing quietly thing.

I’m sitting here doing some reading and thinking.   Here is what I just read:


I don’t know.  I think I made excuses, in a way, but I guess I think of them more as I made statements.   I truly think I had an affair because I was unhappy.  HE made me feel happy.  I had fun with him.  NONE of those are excuses.  They are very true statements.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. Interesting. I think I’m not looking for excuses – I know it’s entirely my fault. The question is, would it be the same if my husband found out. I think then I’d be forced to look for some argumentation, even if just to ease his pain and try to answer the unanswerable ‘why?’ question.

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  3. If you can come up with a “why” it makes it easier for your spouse to accept the betrayal. I have been searching for the “why” I cheated. I haven’t found it quite yet. At least not an “acceptable” answer. All I know is that just like you I felt very happy, we had fun, we connected. It takes a really long time to rebuild that with your spouse. It takes a lot of work and effort. We are not there yet.

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