Going out of town…

Okay I’m not going anywhere fun or exotic!   I don’t think of Nebraska as either.  No offense to my friends and family from Nebraska!  GO HUSKERS!  HEE HEE!

My girlfriend got married here last year and her friends and family in HER hometown (in Nebraska) decided to throw her a wedding party since all of her friends there didn’t get to celebrate it with her.   They contacted some of her best friends here in Colorado to invite us.   Should be a good time.   My girlfriend thinks she is just going to see some of her old friends and visit home.  She doesn’t even know we are going.  We rented these little cabins.   They don’t have beds or anything.  You bring your air mattresses and camp out in little cute $25 dollar a night empty cabins.   This kind of stuff used to excite me.  I loved getting away with girlfriends.   I still do don’t get me wrong, I just don’t feel like celebrating anything close to getting married.   The cabins do have electricity, so I will be blogging away on my laptop or iPad, so when I feel down, I can let you all know lol, (lucky you).   I am apologizing now for anything I say or do on my blog lol my girlfriend (the one that DOES know) has plans to bring wine, and Saturday night in the middle of nowhere Nebraska is holding their October Fest.   So lol who knows what I will blog.  I am not much of a drinker so I am sure it is fine, but from what I understand, because none of us have our children the plan is to have a few drinks in this ‘no bed’ cabin.

I need to pack and I don’t even want to.

What a royal pain in the ass.

I need the break though.

My mom is keeping my kids.  I was relieved when I convinced her to stay at my house.   It would so much easier for her to bring a few things here than it would for me to pack four kids to take to her.   That would have been too much.   I am looking forward to the drive.   I love road trips.  You can get lost in your head.   And my best friend in the entire world will be in my car too.

It snowed last night.   It was so beautiful, just this dusting all over the ground.  So soft.   I won’t even talk about where that takes me….



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