Update on me and my kids would be just a normal update.  My husband calls and talks to me every night like we did when we were dating.  Late night phone calls.   I SOOOO bad want to ask him to come over but I won’t.     I am going to let this just be the opposite of what I want to do or what I would normally do.   So we talk.

The kids are doing great.  I am getting a little stressed out with the sports schedules, (I always do this time of year).  I feel like we don’t eat as healthy because we are rushing dinner to get to practices, rushing home from practices to do homework and then rushing to bed.  I feel like I am rushing through my kids’ childhoods.  They are growing up so fast.

I went to the funeral of Jessica Ridgeway.  It was heartbreaking.  If you don’t know the story (and I don’t know how you wouldn’t have heard about it), a little girl age 10 disappeared here on her way to school.  The parents were cleared and the investigation began.  They found *PART* of her body and through DNA confirmed it was her.  It is heartbreaking.  Our poor babies.  I keep finding myself sick over the thought of how badly she must have been hurt before dying.   I pray she passed before this monster tortured her into pieces.  The funeral was moving.  TONS of children and families attended.  This amazing community we have.   Now we have had more attemepted abductions.  Both before and after Jessica.  It is so scary.  I am SO glad my children don’t walk or ride busses to school.  That I am able to get them from door to door.  I stepped up as a safe parent and offered to drive other children home so that they wouldn’t have to walk, but I am very well known in the school my kids attend.   You are not seeing kids playing outside right now.   You are not seeing kids at the park.  If you do their parent is standing RIGHT next to them, they are not sitting on the park bench glancing up every ten seconds from their book.  No one says hi.  Everyone is shutting down.    I can honestly say I haven’t forgotten to set the alarm on the house at night ONCE since this thing has happened.   Again, it makes me want my husband home.  I hope we catch this sicko before any other children, (or adults) get hurt.  I know we will find him or her eventually, and get justice for Jessica.  Jessica, I hope you RIP and shine down on your mommy and daddy.  I can’t imagine how badly they hurt right now.

Hug your kids tighter.   And not just when this stuff happens.


3 thoughts on “Lately….

  1. I hadn’t heard but I don’t have TV and live quite a ways away. I cried; poor baby girl;what kind of animal would do that???!! The poor parents; no one ever wants to even think about burying their child let alone that they should die such a horrific death. I can’t imagine the torment for them that a horrific”part” of their precious little girl was found.

    It really makes any problems we may have seem really insignificant doesn’t it?
    I pray the parents find peace some how and I hope to God he is caught and no other children are hurt. There isn’t a penalty bad enough for someone like that.

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