So it’s been awhile.

Maybe its because I don’t have much to blog about.   I used to feel like I had the world in my head spinning at a million miles an hour and all I could do to get it out was blog.

I now feel like I am kind of boring.   You know my whole story.  My everything.  I don’t know if you even want to hear any of it anymore.   Crazy I guess.

The leaves are still changing and falling here.  I, (like you know) love this time of  year.   Its beautiful.  Races romantic thoughts through my head.   HE is the most romantic person I know.  However I will say that my husband this morning from his moms house texted me the most odd text message.   Odd for him.  I had to look twice to make sure it was from my husband and not HIM.   But it was from my husband.   It read:

“I miss your warm body at night.  I really know now I would be lost without you and our family.  I want you, I need you, I miss you.  I am the luckiest man to have you.  I miss your sweet touch and I am going to get better so I can feel it again.”

Yeah.  I still have heart-strings.


4 thoughts on “So it’s been awhile.

  1. Be strong. Of course he’s feeling this way! He’s manipulative with the way he’s saying it too, trying to buildin assumptions about having you maybe.
    Still I know about hearstrings.

  2. It’s hard not to the heart strings to come into play. It’s only natural. I still get them at times when I see ‘him’ even now a year on, it’s human nature. But like rgonaut says as well, he’s trying to manipulate you to respond in a way that he wants you to. You have to be strong and let your head tell your heart what to do.

  3. Ugh, this is so difficult. I don’t know what else to say but – of course they both love you. They do. And you may love both of them (hell, I know that is possible). The question is: a) who do you love more? b) MORE importantly, who is better for you? Who will make you and your family happy? Who will be there for you for years to come?

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