My weekend

My birthday was this weekend.

A little crazy weekend actually.

I got an email from HIM saying, “just jumped online real quick to send you an email because I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I wish we were spending it together, just the two of us, you and I.”

I got a handmade gift from my husband that years ago I had seen and loved. He’s known this and decided to make it while he’s been at his moms.

I still haven’t asked my husband to come home. Not sure if I will. My head and heart want different things and for different reasons.

My two teenagers took me and the other kids out to lunch (and paid) it was so sweet.
I wish my love life was as simple as loving my children.

I’ll stop there before I start sounding pathetic. Again.


9 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. Happy Birthday! That was so sweet of your kids to take you out ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s amazing how strong you are keeping HIM and your husband at bay while you get your head and heart pointing in the same direction. I admire your self-control…. I seem to cave in like a cheap card table at just about everything these days.

  2. Happy birthday lovey! Your kids sound sweet….they have an awesome mom to thank for that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Don’t feel like you have to make a decision about that right now either. What you are doing is working just fine. One thing I wish I had done was made Mike stay away longer so that he can really appreciate everything he had after being away from it for so long. Not saying his time away didn’t make him feel more appreciative, but I think we both just needed enough time away to be on our own and come to conclusions without any pressure.


  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    I think it’s VERY unfair that HE is contacting you like this. It’s really messing with your head especially given that HE knows you and your husband are currently separated. I’m glad you’re staying NC, but the fact that he’s still TRYING is really cruel. It makes me angry for you. You need to work on YOU, heal YOU, figure out what YOU need in regards to your marriage without him trying to be on the sidelines saying “Here I am, come get me!!” He’s barely just left his own wife and you’ve no idea how that is even going at the moment. You honestly don’t need to get involved in any of that. And I worry that he’s hoping you’lll leave your husband because you know he’s there waiting.

    But YOU are strong.

      • It’s NOT OK. HE isn’t getting the message. Stay away. Leave me alone. You’ve been very clear about that, right? Just because HE left HIS wife, that doesn’t give HIM the right to ignore your request for NC.
        Maybe it’s time for a new email address.
        Options are available to make the NC stick.
        Happy Birthday. Hope you made birthday wish and that it comes true soon!

  4. Your husband is doing what anyone would expect him to. You have to be careful how you respond if at all. Do not play the game. Do not encourage the behavior by offering any hope. He has to realize he’s on his own and if he can clean himself up he’ll be able to compete for you just like anyone else if you are still available. You have a beautiful life to live and it’s your right to do so. You’ve more than earned it.

  5. Happy Birthday hun!!

    You are not sounding pathetic at all, you’ve given some of your life to your husband and to your kids. You are perfectly entitled to want something for yourself. And you deserve some happiness.

    Can you not mark his email address as spam, so it goes to your junk folder and then you don’t have to see them? Or set up a divert so his emails go direct to your deleted folder?

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