My husband has asked if he can spend the evening with us?

My husband wants to go to a movie with the kids and dinner.

He wants to help put them to bed and spend the rest of the evening with me.

He has been clean for quite awhile.    He says he misses us.  I miss him too.

He said he’d go back to his moms late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Do you have any idea how hard this is?

Its like the one thing you want most is the one thing you fear.

I told him yes to the movie and dinner because that is with his kids, and I’d think about tonight with him and I.

I told him don’t push me or pressure me or make me feel guilty.

He said he is looking forward to the movie.  🙂  Baby steps.

I just need to figure out how to stop wanting my happiness to be similar to the way it was with HIM.   I don’t compare the two.  I just compare myself and how I felt.  Not good.  Please don’t tell me not to do that, trust me I know, and I am working on it.


3 thoughts on “My husband has asked if he can spend the evening with us?

  1. You poor thing! He’s trying to involve you. He should do his thing with the children without you. That’s fair.
    No pressure for you to attend. Otherwise you are defacto Dating him and there’s so much baggage with that. Not sure I could deal with this. It must be very hard.

  2. I would say to give him the time with you tonight. A good conversation may come of it. At least he didn’t ask to spend the night or come back home. I think he knows you aren’t ready you and he is being sensitive to that. Good for him.

    I understand how delicate you are with this, but trust your heart. Just allow for a good night and see how things turn out.

  3. I hope your family movie date goes well 🙂 Baby steps seems to be the theme and you setting the rules of no pressure or pushing sounds like a great idea. It’s hard not to deny how you really feel about a situation or someone. You can’t pretend you feel something by day and not at night. I always think it’s healthy to allow yourself to experience your true emotions toward something/someone. You can’t ever deny it happened but for me, it’s easier to process if I allow myself to feel or think a certain way. Stay strong!!

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