WARNING if you don’t like ‘sex posts’ don’t read!

Letting your head go ‘THERE’


We all play.  You know, PLAY.  By ourselves.  Occasionally.  If you say you don’t, I’m calling you a liar.

Its funny to me when doing so sometimes I am not focused.   I can’t sleep and there seems to be nothing else to do being in a big bed or bathtub alone.  So why is it after trying to read, trying to watch TV, trying to sleep that I go there?  Because we all know it might help us sleep lol!  It usually does me anyway.


So the other night I couldn’t’ seem to ‘finish’.  Then I realized I was thinking about stuff that was nothing related to sex.  I mean I started thinking about sex, I mean I was touching myself… but then my head went to Thanksgiving, or the mess in the car, did I turn the coffee pot on to auto… and then I realized I was touching and thinking about coffee.   WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME.  I can’t focus alone playing OR while having sex with my husband.   Here is the thing.   Frustrated that nothing was happening, I pop that hotel stay with HIM in my head and INSTANTLY I finish.

Please tell me that I am normal.  Not that I can climax when thinking of him, but please tell me that during sex OR playing that you’ve caught yourself thinking of your TO DO list or your bathroom needing to be retiled.   Sigh.


8 thoughts on “WARNING if you don’t like ‘sex posts’ don’t read!

  1. OHMIGOD! I feel ya!!!! It’s been comfortably over a year since the A was over and NC has never been broken so I don’t get it. When alone, I cannot get “THERE” without thinking about HIM! And just like you, when I do, it’s pretty instant!!!! My head at times is not completely there when I’m with my H and I force myself to shut down all feelings and thoughts if/when HE pops into my head!!!!! Sigh…we a conundrum we are in!!!!!

  2. Hey interesting post, love the topic, even tho I’m a guy I can relate. I mean playing with yourself isn’t always something easy to talk about and yes my mind jumps to strange sometimes just before I climax. I’m glad I’m not the only 1 who feels this way.

  3. This morning during sex I was thinking about my husbands affair, making the stuffing and if I was ever going to start Christmas shopping. The last thing on my mind was my husbands efforts to please me. I finally told him nicely to finish, that I couldn’t. He tried some more and finally did his thing. After it was over he was insistent on finishing me off by hand, I was glad he didn’t take no for an answer.

  4. You are definitely normal! I find that I have to focus when I’m having a little alone time or else it is way too easy for my mind to start wandering. A good fantasy, whether about something that has happened or something from my imagination, is necessary for me to finish most of the time.

  5. Same here 🙂

    But most of the time I think of sexual fantasies and that’s when I get off.

    Maybe because of the premature stage of my friendship with the guy I’m attracted to, I still put him more in a separate emotional side of me, and not yet on the physical side. But lately I’m starting to think of him in the physical sense 😉 All these are in my mind, with my H knowing 😉

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