I want to get lost with you.

For a long time.

With no distractions.

In an unfamiliar city, where we don’t know anyone.
Where I could walk holding your hand.
Hug and kiss you while waiting for a table at some fun restaurant.
Walk in and out of our hotel together.
Feel your hands on me before we even get into a hotel room.
Drop our things at the door and have your kisses lead me to the bed in the dark.
Feel clothes leaving my body as your skin meets me.
Feel your mouth on all parts of me.  The coldness of your lips and warmth of your tongue.
Feel your excitement leaving trails of leaking wetness.
Being amazed at how your body takes over and finds its way inside of me on its own with no help.
Being speechless at how wet you make me.
Being aware of nothing but you above and below me.
Hearing you while you do these things to me.
Forgetting life for a bit.
Remembering you for awhile.
Turning off our phones for a few hours.
Falling asleep with you and getting to wake up next to you the next morning.
After making love to each other a few times during the night.



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