60 pain pills filled six days ago.

12 left.

Fuck my life.

I wish he would just get better, and leave my shit alone.   Its unreal to me how he finds the things I hide, and when he manages to do it.

And he was doing so good.


8 thoughts on “60 pain pills filled six days ago.

  1. I don’t understand? Isn’t he on Suboxone? That has Nalaxone in it (aka Narcan) which will immediately remove all effects from any narcotic if ingested? If he is on Subutex, then that does NOT have the Narcan in it. This makes me extremely sad for you. I WANTED to get better, even with chronic pain and a legitimate condition, I knew what I wanted for my life. It seems as if he is not yet ready to get better. I am so sorry for you. I don’t know what the med was or the strength, but it was not unusual for me to be able to take up to 10, 10 mg Percocets in a day,due simply to my tolerance. Supposedly, my “dependence” wasn’t really all that bad, compared to other addicts. (per my psychiatrist). Did you confront him? Do you plan to? He may need in-patient treatment, and sadly, he may not be ready to be what you need him to be….and that is healthy. I’m not sure HOW you can work on your marriage (not that you WANT to at this moment) with him continuing to use? This really surprises me, b/c if he were taking the Sub correctly, and continuing to get therapy, he should have NO withdrawals or cravings, so I simply do not understand…. and am again, very sorry that you are dealing with this.

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