In the back of that limo…

101682904057072712_5V2zuwgF_cHe talked to me.

He listened to me.

He held me.

He laughed with me.

He cried with me.

He vented to me.

He kissed me for the first time.

He undressed me.

He saw my bare shoulders.

He made me bite my lip.

He kissed me in places I’d never been kissed.

He made me forget the world around me.

He adored me.

He told me he loved me.

He wiped tears from my eyes.

He spoke to me with no words.

He told me jokes.

He made me laugh out loud.

He tickled me.

He stroked my hair with the sun roof open, the moon shinning through.

He hated the goodbyes.

He always kissed me one more time.

He has an amazing heart.


3 thoughts on “In the back of that limo…

  1. He chose an amazing strong woman.

    And they connected more than most.

    He will always be in your life, rather you choose that to be daily or a passing moment, never forget how special he made you feel because you deserve that every minute of every day and never settle for less!

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