My furnace went out.

It was six degrees last night.

My furnace is six years old and had a five year warranty.

The furnace being broke caused a pipe to break under my kitchen sink.

I guess maybe its a good thing that my plumber also does heating.  Sigh.

Oh and the best part… this financial hit comes THREE (YES THREE) days after Christmas.

And no, I don’t have a fireplace.  And yes I live in a state where MOST people do.




11 thoughts on “FML

  1. Stinker of a situation, and one I’m familiar with. Except — just to clarify — for the man-keeping-me-warm part. At the time it happened to me, I did an “unmanly” thing and baked stuff (I was a chef for 15 years). It kept me warm in the kitchen and took my mind off my troubles. At least until the gas bill came 😉 Hang in there…

  2. Really sorry that you’re going through all of this. The hurting that you’re going through has come out loud and clear in your recent posts. Hang in there, things are bound to get better. I hope 2013 brings more happiness and joy to you.

  3. It was TOTALLY cold last night!!!! I am SO SORRY!!! I’m throwing a nice, bit warm hug to you right now (*_*)

    Wish you could have called me and you could have come over to stay warm in my tiny apartment. I even have a fireplace 😉 And if you really wanted, I could have snuggled up next to you to keep you warm (the velcro on my walking cast is kind of scratchy, though. hehehe)

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