Read this today. Made me think for sure.



10 thoughts on “Read this today. Made me think for sure.

  1. Absolutely. Respect is key on all levels, from intimacy to conversation and decision making together. Without mutual respect, things like appreciation, consideration and understanding fall by the wayside. Eventually, all that you will have left is your self respect. With that in tact, you can move forward; without it, you probably won’t. Ms. Franklin had it right ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I love this! (And this blog) and I could not agree more. The tricky part is when your man that you’re “sticking by” makes you a fool sometimes, but treats you like a queen other times. That damn grey area….Where is that line when you decide that a mistake is a habit? When does it all become habitual?
    This is a fucking mess.

  3. Not that I’m trying to make this about me…
    …okay, maybe I am, but I think the point I make is relevant:

    I once had someone tell me that what my spouse expects of me is total sacrifice – that the only way to make my marriage work is to give up myself utterly. The point this person was making is that I have to lose myself, lose my identity, in order to make my marriage work. Of course, at the time, being the good little catholic that I was, I assumed that made sense.

    I stand corrected…I now dislike myself, because of the total sacrifice and can now say that handing oneself over to another person destroys you and I now believe the best relationship is the one that enhances both people fully and completely.

    • yeah I don’t think we can love others if we don’t first love ourselves. Without sounding selfish. I just think we are not whole if we don’t know who we are and like who we are, and I truly feel you can’t love others if you are empty.

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