I’ve been fairly quiet.

Wednesday night I started feeling like I had caught a cold… you know, sniffling, sneezing and an occasional feel of your own head wondering if you are warm.  Well the wonder was gone by Thursday night.  I was full blown sick.  I never get sick.. ever.  In fourteen years I have only missed three days of work.  I canceled work Friday and I was so glad I did.  Friday I was so sick I almost went to the hospital.  I shifted from being covered in goosebumps to being soaking wet in a sweat.   I had a sore throat, fever, my head hurt so bad and my legs ached along with my back.  I went to the doctor and my strep test came back positive, a flu test came back positive and I wanted to die.  I stayed in bed all day friday, and all day Saturday.  Saturday night I had a dinner planned and I felt good enough to go.  I was so sick of my bed.   I invited my husband to come with me.  The dinner was a gift from a client of mine for Christmas.  We had a wonderful dinner.  It was a really nice time.  I tired quickly, we walked to the car a couple blocks away and it really took it out of me.  All day today I have stayed in bed.  Just trying to get as close to 100% to be able to work tomorrow. I will post tomorrow I just wanted to let you all know why I’ve been so quiet.    Have a good night WordPress friends!

14 thoughts on “I’ve been fairly quiet.

  1. Hope you feel a million times better in the morning. Apparently the flu is horrible this year. Add strep to that, and I am so sorry for you. I had strep last year and was in bed for 4 days straight it was so bad. (That was amidst Mike’s affair, too.)

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