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Affair article that made me think. 

And I’m not saying I agree or disagree lol I’m just saying it made me think…. LOL, it did!


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    I read this article while sitting in the waiting room of the Dr’s office next to my husband who was unfaithful for 7 years. That was 2 hours ago and I have not stopped thinking about this ridiculous article since.

    I so vehemently disagree with everything in it. The woman who wrote it is a sociologist but she must also be a self-centered whore who cares little for the sanctity of marriage or the keeping of promises.

    Promoting the idea of infidelity as something we are entitled to is fucking ridiculous. Referring to marriage as a prison is absurd. When we get married it is something we freely enter into, I don’t know anyone who’s went to prison by choice.

    She states that we should be able to recapture our thrills of youth with an affair, again absurd. Perhaps if these people out seeking affairs via the internet, workplace, or in bars would instead put that effort into their marriages they would not feel like their in a prison. Perhaps if they paid that kind of attention to their spouse they would receive it in kind. Perhaps if you spend your time pursuing your spouse instead of a fuck buddy who dosen’t give two shits about you you’d find yourself in a much happier marriage.

    She cites the marital bed as bing celibate as a reason to cheat, again I say fuck that. If it’s celibate because of emotional discord in the marriage fix it, go to therapy, find a pastor to help you if you can’t afford therapy. A sexless marriage is not an excuse to cheat, ever…. If the marriage is celibate because of medical reasons find another way to be intimate, either through touch or masterbuation.

    I have the perfect solution for people who feel the need to have multiple sex partners, DON’T FUCKING GET MARRIED, period. If you’re already married and find yourself wanting to have sex with someone other than your spouse, tell your spouse how you feel, see if you can find the root of what’s causing these desires, aside from being human. If you can’t with your spouse work it out then get divorced.

    Or if you just have to be one of those people who has to fuck multiple people and love to expose yourself to disease (make no mistake about it you will run a higher risk of disease) and you want to be married too, find another person just like you to marry. Enter into marriage with clear and concise ideas of what is okay and what’s not okay, be swingers, have an open marriage, just don’t be a fucking low life liar.

    The dumb bitch that wrote the article compared sex to eating out at a restaurant. Is it just me or am I the only one who has not gotten naked to eat in a restaurant, I’ve not had an orgasam from shoving a ribeye down my gullet, I’ve not gotten my cum all over my thighs in a restaurant from eating, I’ve not gotten pregnant while eating out… Oh and I for sure have not gotten a sexually transmitted disease from eating out at a restaurant. My husband did fuck his fat ugly fucking whore in the backseat of his truck on the way to a restaurant for a business lunch once, but I don’t think that’s the same as eating out inside an actual restaurant.

    Infidelity hurts marriages, it hurts children, it hurts families. It’s ridiculous to suggest that it doesn’t.
    I would have much rather had my husband come to me before he cheated and said, look I’m having a hard time resisting temptation to cheat, I think I’m going to move forward and be with other women, you can stay and deal with it or divorce me.” At least I would have had a choice. It would have been my decision to make weather or not I was going to stay with a man who was now going to be risking my health and sharing himself with other women. I would have chosen to get divorced. I would not have freely shared my husband. Still I wish I’d been given the option, instead I was betrayed over and over for 7 years, I was stuck at home taking care of his child, his mother, our home, I was a good wife, there was nothing lacking on my end in our sex life, I was very giving. But if he had presented me with this option and I had chosen to stay I would have at least known and I could have had the option to also seek sex outside the marriage. I know he would have NEVER been okay with that option, even though he thought it was okay for him to stick his dick in anything with a wet spot.

    My husbands infidelity has cost him the trust of his wife, his job along with millions of dollars, his children’s respect, his wife’s respect, he is filled with shame, he brought not one but two sexually transmitted diseases home. Why in the hell would anyone in their right mind what that in their life? His infidelity has hurt me more than I could have possibly ever imagined. This is the person who vowed to be faithful to me for the rest of his life and who expected the same from me. This is the person who was supposed to protect me, not expose me to diseases passed on from the whore’s he’d had unprotected sex with. Infidelity almost cost my husband his wife, the thing he wanted to hold on to the most.

    I’d love to fuck other people, when I was single I enjoyed the company of a variety of men. I love to experience the feeling of being with someone new. I love the excitement of how different each lover is, different sizes and styles. If I was not married I imagine I’d be involved in sexual relationships with more than one man at a time, safely of course with the use of condoms. I was never one to expose myself to disease, fuck that. But in a relationship or in a marriage where it’s understood and agreed to that the parties will be monogamous it’s never okay to seek sex outside that relationship, ever.

    Since I am married, since I vowed in a marriage ceremony before God and to my husband that I would only ever be with him that’s what I do. I am a faithful wife.

    I’ve said enough about this stupid article… read it if you like. God it pissed me off. Obviously!

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  3. I don’t agree with this lady, I just thought it was a post that could get a debate started. Conversation from something you read, (an article or another blog), is what I love about blogging.

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