Goodbye Work Spouse Story…


Moving on is a choice, and I am finally making it.

All my blogging friends seem to be dropping like flies.  So sad to see you go although I understand your post perfectly.  Good luck to you and email me the link to any new blog you start up.  Happy trails!  xoxox


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Work Spouse Story…

  1. Damn. I hadn’t read that blog, but I feel like the universe is speaking to me this morning. I get a positive thought for the day, delivered into my mailbox each morning and today’s was about “letting go” and moving on. Being brave enough to do it, when you know it is time, but don’t wan to.

    And then I read this entry of yours, from your other blog friend’s account and she is doing it too.

    Since I haven’t blogged about my own life, other than to comment here or there or to give a snippet on the account I created just to be able to comment, no one knows where I currently am in my life. And that’s okay for now.

    But the letting go I am facing isn’t of my marriage or husband. (though I will have to do that when I am ready) but of my other relationship, that I thought had found a new place, but that just find a comfortable spot, in my gut. I’ve always listened to my heart….and sometimes my head…..but lately, it’s been my gut that has been begging to be heard. And I can’t keep denying that.

    I just don’t want to let go. I’m strong enough, sure. But I don’t want to.

    Sorry to leave a comment like this on your blog, but back to back….I’ve been “told” by the universe that my gut is right. Sometimes there are things you just can’t ignore. Sigh.

  2. Sorry for the typos. In the 3rd to last paragraph, I meant to say that I thought my relationship had found a new place in my life, but that it just CAN’T seem to find that place, in my GUT. (realized that didn’t make much sense.)

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