Until I met you.


I walked alone down a path someone should have been at my side.

I tried hard not to complain but I was so lonely and broken.

I had planned to be faithful and only love one man.

Until I met you.

I felt like a single parent, sharing the joys of my kids alone.

Their activities, games, and school events I attended alone.

I’d cheer them on, praise them often, always alone,

Until I met you.

I had no one to talk to, no one to share with,

No one to tell me I was beautiful or encourage my dreams,

I had no one to listen to and encourage either,

Until I met you.

I had no hands upon me in a loving way,

No kisses along the side of my neck.

No exploring my body as if I were a map,

Until I met you.

I had never truly laughed that hard, to the point of tears.

I had never for a man had concern of his well being,

I had never worried and wondered what anyone did away from me,

Until I met you.

I never noticed the beauty of nature, the stars and the moon,

I never noticed the birds speaking of their happiness.

I never noticed the rain or fog or snow as being romantic

Until I met you.

I never got excited to share my thoughts, opinions and interests with anyone,

I never got so into politics or debates with respect on both sides.

I never felt held and interested in a conversation,

Until I met you.

I never wanted to see anyone so badly,

or dread anyone leaving so much,

or realize how fast time flew when I was with someone,

Until I met you.

I never knew that holding the hand of a lover could send my heart racing,

I never knew that all your senses could be overstimulated when with someone you love,

I never knew that knees really can go weak on a passionate kiss,

Until I met you.

I never knew what love felt like.

I never knew what love was.

I never thought love was a ‘big’ deal,

Until I met you.

Clearly I didn’t know anything,

Until I met you.


18 thoughts on “Until I met you.

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth and heart. Beautiful. It’s like seeing the world IN COLOR, after living in a black and white world. It’s like feeling for the first time, what it means to LIVE. It is being able to be IN THE MOMENT, without trying. It is what LOVE is. And it is something that I never knew either. Sometimes, I wish I still didn’t. But I suppose having seen and felt it, at least I know it exists. It is truly something that one is lucky to experience, in a lifetime. Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. All so true when you find that person. I wanted to believe in fireworks and that feeling of time standing still, and never had it in the 15 years of my first marriage. I wanted it to, but just figured it was movie magic. that was until the night my wife and I met six years ago. I swear I saw sparks fly between our finger tips when we took each others hands. And when we kissed the first time… fireworks and a complete loss of time. The universe was empty except for us. And it’s still that way with every touch, every kiss. Sure, it helps that we’re both good kissers, but mostly it’s the magic of having each other ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everyone deserves to have that kind of love.

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    • lol coming from you?!?!? hahaha. Maybe after he’s actually divorced…. he knows I’m done with my husband and I’m not going anywhere, however if *IF* they make up or he moves back in (which he has not said or even suggested) I am NOT going to be hurt like that again… that was a HORRID year! He knows when it is all said and done, I’d LOVE to be with him.

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