His response

i will never stop loving you.  i consider our relationship up to this point to be the beginning chapters to a very long love story.  the things i’ve said to you were with the utmost sincerity.  the feelings i have for you now are stronger than ever.  the fact that i see what we could have if we were together is tortuous to me because of what we both have to endure in our lives now.  i can tell you right now when all of this is over, (our relationships come to a close and we are both so close),  i’m going to show up on your doorstep and take you away forever-to be mine.  i love you so much and appreciate your honesty, your openness and your sincerity.  not to mention you are smoking hot!  🙂


16 thoughts on “His response

  1. As sweet as this all sounds, have you noticed he mentioned that he wants to take YOU away forever to be his. Not one mention of your kids and everything that comes with that reality. Have either of you spoken or written to each other about how his and your children and other family would deal with you both being together?
    I’m not trying to bust your bubble. Just trying to help you see a bit clearer through the fog.

    • Thank you for your words, concern and help with seeing in the fog. We have spoken a LOT about our kids and how that affects us and our goals, hopes and dreams, but I try REALLY hard to not blog too much about my kids… I try and keep that part of my life very personal. Occasionally you will see me mention them or blog about them but that is rare.

  2. This is recent? Oh hon…you HAVE to stop this. You’re never going to get past this if you keep in contact with him. And he’s dangling you on a string. Some day he’s going to show up and sweep you away? Perfect way to keep a woman on the hook…

    • I have a lot to blog about… thank you for being concerned but it didn’t really end the way you think, and I am a very smart girl. I’m not hanging on any hook… he has moved out and realizes I have a lot to deal with but neither of us have made any huge moves or huge decisions. Trust me, I’ve been burned to many times to jump and HOPE for a landing. I am a mom first. I’ve learned to think and then act, not the other way around!

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