I love the emails I’ve been getting from all of you.

I’ve been getting emails from readers… and I don’t care if you comment here or email me but please know I love talking to you all!  Some people want so badly to share their story or their situation but don’t want it on the internet and I get that.  I respect that.  I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to talk with me.  I blog because first and foremost I love conversation and writing.  I love interacting with people!  Especially the ones that have taken the time to read my story and really know the type of person I am and the character I hold.  They have the ability to see past the “OMG SHE FUCKED SOMEONE WHEN SHE WAS MARRIED” and are able to see the story.  The people who are able to not judge me and TRY to understand knowing they are not perfect either.   I love all of you and regardless if you talk to me here, or on my email, thank you for your comments, opinions and advice.  I truly appreciate you very much! xoxox


3 thoughts on “I love the emails I’ve been getting from all of you.

  1. you have given so much inspiration to many…what we’re going through isn’t conventional and ain’t easy… that’s why knowing there’s someone to share it with gives one enough strength to appreciate life, despite the complexities and to feel secure within ourselves knowing our worth and value as a person..as a woman…

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