I love this post because I can relate. I know these feelings, these emotions.

Dour Reflections



My previous post sent me into a free-fall of depression; typically, when I’m badly depressed, I try to work it out by writing, soooo…

I love words.

Words have power. Words have elegance. Words can encompass anger, hatred, love, desire, despair, pain and jubilation. Magical spells, prayers, pleas, expressions of love … all done in words. We cannot read each other’s minds. We cannot read each other’s body-language (not accurately, anyway). We can’t observe the most subtle signs.

But we can talk. We can listen. We can shout, and scream, and rant, and rave …

We can whisper “I love you” into the silence between two bodies and pray that it is whispered back.

And yet, for all their power and subtlety, words can’t do everything … it is why there are artists and musicians and actors and composers, in addition to poets and writers.

I’m lonely. I’ve been…

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