A picture is worth a thousand words.







3 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand words.

  1. I’m sorry that you are dealing with people judging you on your blog. You knew that would happen. I think you mentioned that early on in your blog. I don’t like that feeling either. I’ve had people comment at how selfish I am to be so jealous of my husband having a close female friend. I don’t think I let all of those type of comments actually land on my page. I read them because it is a public blog and I’m curious about what people think but then I tuck it away (or sometime publish it).

    I think I’m a sucker for a true story about love and relationships. Especially complicated ones (or are they all complicated). I find myself drawn to your story because I want to know what the OW is thinking and feeling. It helps to know things like: She may become friends with you to get close to your husband. I’ve considered this before but now you’ve said this was true for you. This whole thing is quite educational. So I can respect your journal and your bravery at sharing your story.

    I *hate* that you found such love with a married man who also has kids! I really wish that you two would have found each other before marrying other people. I’d prefer you both be in a happy fulfilling relationship. I hate that you contributed to the demise of this man’s family, yet I can read your story and understand you’re human. I see what got you here.

    I see how other Hers are finding your story and are commiserating with your pain. I get that on my blog too, but from women who are afraid that a “Her” exists in their husband’s life. I believe there is value here on your blog and I can’t bring myself to rain judgement on you. The thing that that stands out the most for me is that we all have something to learn from each other.

    • Thank you for seeing all sides. Trust me there are parts of my story that I *hate* too. Many of them to be honest. But I can’t go back. I can’t change what I/we did. I can learn from my mistakes, love him always, and know that its never simple. It also taught me how quickly things can become complicated. And how easily that little line can be crossed, almost accidentally….. even though it wasn’t an accident…

      I’ve always tried to fully be honest. Fully explain my side. Try and show that I am human and didn’t find a man and try and destroy his marriage. The entire story is so complicated. Thank you for reading. Thank you for keeping an open mind. Thank you for being fair. Thank you for seeing we are all human. Thank you for just being there. I appreciate all my readers.

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