And yet there is another one…


So apparently I have a new person that just doesn’t get me.  She is upset because I deleted her comments after stating that I call people cowards for not owning up to their comments or whatever.   I will tell everyone that I deleted her comments because she called someone I like who’s blog I follow a dick.  She said she thought he sounded selfish and like a dick.  UMMMM I like him.  I like his blog.  I will NOT let some random person bad mouth and name call people (or bloggers) I like names.  I will delete your comments if you are going to be THAT hateful and mean.  I will however call your lowness and rudness out for everyone to see and either agree or disagree with me.

Here is what she said to me about my blogging friend who posted pictures of his new house and is EXCITED and HAPPY to be moving on from his failed marriage that ended a YEAR ago:

“Wow. What a dick.”

I said:   “excuse me? I don’t understand? Why is he a dick? I think you are misunderstanding. He is a blogger that blogged through his divorce that he struggled with. I love his blog and I care about him very much. This is not the man I speak of in any of my posts… I think you are confused thinking he is either my husband or my A.P. and he isn’t either. I am happy for this man however for moving on and being happy, thus me being so confused by your comment. ???? He is FAR from being a dick.”

She said: “It comes with the territory of having a blog, see.
Some folks are gonna like what’s written, while others, well, not so much.
I like your blog a lot, but there is something about his tone that comes of as choady and oh so self-righteous. And, I’m not confused. Not in the least.”

Then I said, “well think what you would like, but I’m telling you, you’ve got him all wrong.”

and she said:  “Ok. Peace.”

And it pissed me off.  That someone would call someone who is happy and moving on, and in a good place in his life a dick.  Its that judging thing again.  So out of anger of name calling and judging, I deleted her comments.  I just don’t have the time and energy for that bullshit.

Then I got this (on a different blog post): “It’s amusing that you called the person who commented on your post a ‘coward’ when you showed similar cowardice by deleting my comments about the link to the blog you posted a couple of days ago.

I ‘get’ that it’s your blog, but I guess I expected more out of person who cries out for honesty from her readers, yet doesn’t exactly practice what she preaches.
And, yes, I expect this comment to be deleted in 5…4…3…”

And I finished with:  “I’m sorry I just didn’t see in his post what made him a dick and I will NOT use my blog to let others call people names.  That is the only reason your comments were deleted.  If you don’t like him or his blog fine…. I will not support name calling or blog hating by using MY blog.  Thanks for understanding.   It had nothing to do with anything other than being friends with him.  Thanks!”

Please tell me in THIS post what made him a dick?

But whatever.

So my faithful, (KIND) bloggers/readers/friends…. am I in the wrong here?  I’d hope if we’d been blogging friends for a YEAR and someone posted mean hateful judging words about me or someone else you knew you wouldn’t put up with that either.   I’m assuming the REAL reason for her attitude and uglyness is to get some followers to her blog so I won’t link it here, but I’m pretty sure she will comment which will pull an audience to her.  Annoying.  I don’t get it.  Be kind.  Why couldn’t she comment, “Good for him.  Moving on and being happy… everyone deserves to be happy.”  But no because he is happy that makes him a dick.  Wow, because she has a voice, maybe that makes her a bitch???  Karma.  Do not judge others…. all too soon someone will judge you…


18 thoughts on “And yet there is another one…

  1. *like*like*like
    blogs: you can choose to make them public…it does not give others the right to treat someone else’s space with disrespect or like a pubic whipping post. it is unnecessary to try and make yourself feel better by making others feel badly. keep your venom at home if you feel the need to expel it from your soul.
    i am glad you defended your friend.

      • lol..i understood the man you protected was a long time blogger friend..i followed the link.. “she” was trying to create drama..glad you removed her

  2. Some people just feel so shitty in their own lives, the only way they can make themselves feel better is by tearing apart other peoples happiness. I work with a someone who is just like that, and believe me I wish I could delete his nasty comments from sounding around my office!

  3. You did great!! Nobody should be rude to anyone no matter what the circumstances are… I am glad your friend is doing good and is finding his happiness.. He has a great friend in you…

  4. Some times we welcome debate on a post we do, we look to shake things up a bit and it can be interesting to hear people’s views on various topics and even then I think it is not only the right but the responsibility of the blog writer to monitor comments made on their blog to make sure they are not racist, hate filled, etc

    I didn’t read the post you are talking about but from the sounds of it you were not taking a poll on whether this guy is a dink or not. You were happy for someone you consider a friend and sharing his good news. It is not mandatory to comment on every post you read, if you don’t like something keep your mouth shut.

    She was totally out of line, totally. I know even here I have read something that I have responded to with my opinion that probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear but you didn’t delete my comments and I tried to be respectful and I only said things I felt to be in your best interest AND by laying out the details of your life you are inviting people to give their opinions, I don’t always love all my comments on my blog either. But this post had none of the elements needed to start a debate about a man’s character.

    you were fully within your rights to delete her comments, I would have, she was rude.

  5. There is absolutely no need for name calling on someone else’s blog. It’s just plain rude. If you don’t like what someone has written, ignore it. Don’t write rude comments. That’s why there’s no “dislike” button!
    You were absolutely right to delete her comments.

  6. I didn’t publish a comment the other day when someone said my husband never respected me (see my respect post) and basically I’m an idiot and need to wake up. Gee thanks. I know his affairs weren’t respectful. Duh! That’s not what I was trying to convey Dumbass.

  7. I hope she’ll get around to apologizing for being hurtful and rude and you can graciously accept and post her apology. Sometimes we all react too quickly to things that trigger us. God knows many if not most have been or still are under all sorts of stress that makes it hard enough let alone someone hurling insults. I’d forgive her for losing least if she makes an honest effort to apologize. These things happen.

    • Oh I for sure would.. I was just shocked that someone would name call such a hateful name over someone being happy…. I’d for sure forgive her if she did that.

  8. Don’t worry about it. Like you, I get a lot of hits every day. Like you, I pick up comments from mean-spirited jerks whose missives add nothing to the discussion and are just meant to put down people like you and me. I have no problem deleting comments and directing all their future comments to the “spam” bin. It goes with the territory, hon. You and I are grotesque and incomprehensible to many Betrayeds out there. How dare we blog and have an opinion!! And frankly you find a lot of “brave” people who hide behind keyboards and screens.

    I don’t give it a second thought. For every horrid comment, I get 10-15 thanking me for my time and my blog. There are a lot of Betrayeds who are very much invested in their own victimhood. It’s easier than looking in the mirror. They are perfect people, and people like you and me are nothing but self-indulgent twits. It’s easier to rail against us than to face up to their own realities. Oh well. Not everyone belongs at your blog or mine. Only those with maturity, grace and open-minds.


    Scrape them off. Don’t worry about it.

  9. Just out of curiosity, why didn’t she just go to his blog and tell him she thought he was a dick? Good for you for not only deleting her misplaced and misguided comment but for letting her know why.

  10. And yes, people seem to think that a blog is public property. That “Free Speech” is somehow expected. What they fail to remember is that these are our Kingdoms and we are the Kings. We get to control content. We don’t have to tolerate any BS at all.

    And don’t they LOVE to say that you just don’t tolerate dissent! LOL. I will tolerate dissent. If it’s done succinctly and respectfully and doesn’t require me to restate what’s already in the blog.

    But sorry folks — you can’t come and try and shout me down on my own blog. It’s not a “free country”. It’s a blog.

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