Love this.



8 thoughts on “Love this.

    • I imagine you felt like this during the affair, but sometimes we don’t see clearly when we’re in love. Now, with 20/20 hindsight, would you still describe it that way?

      • yes. I had a connection with him that I still don’t understand. I physically could feel him just when looking at him. We had such an emotional connection…. nothing compared.

  1. I love it too. I just have to wonder what the “other one” says though, all nicely and neatly printed onto a little internet poster, that talks about how beautiful it is to find all of this in someone, and then realize that you can’t be with that person? When I read things like this, sometimes they calm me, sometimes they give me strength and then sometimes….they just flat out, piss me off. This one is great, sure. But what about the “rest of the story”? Obviously I’m in “deep thinking” or even “pessimistic” mode, as opposed to “comfort mode”.

  2. There is a pretty bad error in this that I can’t believe nobody has mentioned. Your “conscience”? I think they mean to say consciousness or psyche. Don’t think they are in love with your little voice inside that gives you a hard time when you make immoral choices.

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